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How to rank on the first page on Google Search?

It is demonstrated that more than 75% of users that search on Google never end up clicking the second page. This means it is important that your website rank on the first page. But how you can do that?

Majority of the searchers they are not looking on the website address, they just follow the words, keywords, that they wrote in the toolbar of the search engine. This tells us a lot, it is unnecessary for you to learn algorithms that are used behind the search engines, what is important is your website content. Is your content relevant for your business? Does your content includes the keywords that your users are looking for on the internet? SEO (Search engine optimization) depends on a lot of other things, but one of the most important of all is your website content.

Let’s see what you need to know to rank on the first page in google searches:

Choose the right keywords that are relevant for your potential clients

What you need to determine very quick is the keywords or keyword phrases that you want to be found by your potential clients, the keywords they are looking for .

Let me give you an example, let’s say you have a business in the plumbing industry. If you use keywords, phrases like “ how can I unclog a sink” I don’t think it will help you very much, because the user that looks for that phrase they want to do the job by himself and they will not use your services.

But if you write at services that you can help people to “ unclog sinks and sewers” it is very precisely that you will make a user to visit your website, who are interested for this services. Even more, if you write on the website the area where you make these services, you will reach your clients form your area.

Like a suggestion, if you offer your services for a multiple location, these can be written in the content, so your the user that is looking for the services you offer from these areas can find you.

Check your competition

Now, that you settled your keywords that will help you rank on the first page, let’s see what your competition has to say. It is very probably if you want to open a supermarket which will be on the street with a Lidl for example, it will be very hard, almost impossible for you to succeed, when you compare with an international brand.

But if you want to make an idea where your business stands, you have to understand all the entrepreneurship ensemble where you will class. So I suggest you look in Google the keywords that you want to rank on the first page and see who is already here.

If all you see here are names from the big brands national or even international, then I have to tell you that it will be very hard for you to rank here, if your business is a start-up or if is not a big company.

Let’s look for example for the keyword “auto insurance”

Toate rezultatele sunt de la firme de asigurari mari si cunoscute Groupama, Generali. Acesta este un semn clar ca cine cauta sa isi incheie o polita de asigurare va alege sigur sa lucreze cu un brand cunoscut. Iar cine vrea sa ajunga pe pagina 1 cu acesti competitori va avea mari batai de cap, chiar daca e un expert in SEO.

Assure that you take notes about the competition, for the keyword you want to rank with for the first page. If more than 50% from those who are on the first page are international brands, then try to find another keywords to follow and use another strategy.

If you found your perfect keywords, or even keywords phrases then your next step is to introduce this in the content of your website. But this content should be optimized, not only “stuffed” without any sense. You want to introduce your keywords in a spot where it makes an impact for your potential buyers.

Quality Content

Once your potential buyers are on your website, it is now your duty to transform the in your clients. For you to succeed to introduce your keywords in the content right in the place where they will create an engagement with your users, you will need a clear strategy for the content, in this way you will assure your spot on the first page in searches.

When you write innovative and original content, you make sure that your potential buyers have a reason to spend time on your website, in this way you can grow potential so they will spend more time on every page. This is a massive factor that Google is measuring for indexing your website pages.

If a user is on your website and the time he spends here is less that two seconds, then for Google is easy to understand that your content is not engaging and is not interesting for users. In this way Google it will rank your website lower, witch means less organic traffic.

You have to be sure that your content is readable, easy to understand, and attractive for your users so they will be interested and motivated to read the whole page.

Also be sure that in the content you include all the keywords or keyword phrases you want to rank for, because this represents what your user wants to find and read.

For example, you found this post after you searched“how to rank on the first page of Google”or even an approximate search of these keywords, but as a result, this post is concentrated to offer you all the details you need to know to be able to reach the first page. If we started to talk about how to advertise on YouTube, probably you will already lose your interest in reading it all the way.

This is exactly the way your user think so you have to focus on how to write your website content to be relevant.


What happens in the back of your website is as important as what your user can see. So named backlinks are mentions of your website on other websites, they represent a vote of confidentiality for Google, meaning “extra points” so you can gain the organic traffic that you desire.

Anyway, you don’t want to be mentioned anywhere with your website, you need relevant and quality mentions. This can be one of the hardest things regarding SEO. Because it involves a lot of time, you need to pay attention and the mentions should be relevant, not by chance. If for example you sell insurance, like in my example above, and your website will be mentioned on a website with cookie recipes, then Google will find this mention irrelevant and it will not be taken into consideration.

The security of backlinks with a high-domain authority is one of the most efficient ways to rank better. Of course obtaining this backlink is the hardest. Domain authority is based on a score between 1 and 100; if your score is higher, better your domain authority.

When domains with a high authority connects to your website, this increases the reputation and authority of your website.

A way to obtain backlinks for your website is to appear with your website address on websites from your niche, you can send an e-mail and ask if you can post on their website like a guest post.

A guest post is simply writing an article as a “ guest” and is posted on an external website.

The article you write for the site would contain a link to it that links back to your website.

This is very complicated and complex, that is why for this backlinks is better to hire a SEO specialist. The idea is that more than 55% of the website are not doing this backlinks and this is the differences that shows for ranking on the first page in searches.

Website functionality

Finnaly to hit the first pages in searches, your website has to be SEO friendly and to offer an excellent experience for your user (UX). This means to solve all the problems that appear, for example “broken links”, structure optimization, and making the speed of loading very high, under 3 seconds it is recommended. As a plus you have to assure that your website meets all the requirements of google for the first index on mobile.

Tip: Receptive web design is an easy and effective way to do this. By making the website intuitive and logical you are on the right track. An elegant design can definitely improve a website, but its functionality must come first. Think of the structure of your site as a foundation, without it being solid, everything can fall apart.

Make sure users can easily navigate the website, even if they are here for the first time. By maintaining an intuitive, easy-to-use, and fully functional website, you already have the basics to get to the first page of Google.

You are on the first page of Google! But try to stay there…

Because nothing lasts forever, it seems that especially in technology everything is very changeable. Google always tracks the behaviors and tendencies of its users, always trying to improvise to please them. That’s why your site must always be checked, updated, always looking for a new content and just like Google you should follow the request of your customers, and depending on that to make sure you have everything they search included in your website. I wish you success!

Tip: if you need help, do not hesitate to ask a specialist in the field, you can call us or you can write us here ! here.