SEO Search Engine Optimization

What search engine optimization means and what is our method

Local SEO

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What we are doing to optimize SEO?

Steps of a SEO campaign

Our SEO campaign contain the 6 vital steps in reaching your goals

Website Audit

We start our campaign with an audit. This is a very careful analyze of your website so we can find out everything regarding website traffic, speed, if there are technical problems, or if there is any reason that keeps it in the back of the search. If we built a strong foundation since the beginning, means that we will not have a house on send.

Keyword research

The most important part of a SEO campaign. Keywords represent the words or phrases after your clients are searching so they can find your business, and their interests. We are making keywords research and we also pay attention on competition keywords. We make an audit.

Competition Analysis

It is important to know with whom you compare. If you learn about your competition you could built campaigns more powerful and efficient. Digital Visible wants to built specific SEO campaigns, to be sure that they have all the elements they need to beat your competition.

On-Page SEO

This process represents the optimization of your website so you can grow your visibility online. As we can find out from the title, it involves changes in actual content of the website, and also in the source code if is necessary. If you don't understand and do this step, you can find your website in the 10th page of the google searches.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page, as we can understand from description it refers at what we do outside our pages of the website. In general it stands out for building external links. This means a mention of your website on another website and it helps your website to win more trust from the search engine.

Detailed Rapport

We are trustful that transparency is the key of success. That is why our Agency Digital Visible will generate a monthly rapport straight to your e-mail. This rapport will contain an evaluation of our progress with the campaign, together with a keywords ranking.