E- Commerce

Now we can find the ideal solution for your store so you can sell your products online. An E-shop with a nice theme, with your products, with the perfect content can help you grow your wholesale substantial.

E- Commerce

Online Store

You decided you want to be online, to develop your seals on a e-shop, here how we can help

Store use

Handling and usability of the store is very simple, you can set everything into categories , you can crate campaigns and discounts. You can check in real time sales rapports, clients online, in this process we can teach you to administrate the store very easy.

Responsive Design

Most of your clients buy from their phones, no matter where they choose to make their shopping, your website will be responsive from the first page they access until they purchase the products.

Card Payment

More clients prefer to pay by card, and in the platform that we use this is very easy to integrate. Also the other methods of payment are available in the menu of the e-commerce, like Rambus payment or other option which can be activated according your business needs.

Platforms available

For developing your online store we work with two CMS one is NopCommerce, who is already on the market for 12years and is is already used worldwide. And the other CMS is WOOCOMMERCE, who is developed by WordPress, it is very user friendly and you can administrate it also very easy from your mobile phone.

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