Local SEO

SEO Local Services for business from Timisoara and more

It is very important to be found in local searches from your town, even more if you have a business with physicals stores. 

We use an efficient method that assures our clients how to dominate local searches, regardless of their size and industry.

Local SEO

What does it mean to look for your business locally?

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Searching for the keywords

We make a careful analyze of the market of other website from your niche, we find out what keywords are targeted in the organic search at local interest.

Competition Analysis

We pay attention on what your competition is doing. It is a very good way to develop a campaign that will subclass them!

On-Page SEO

We will analyze and optimize your website to be sure that it fits the strict regulation of the search engine. We make sure that every page will be indexed quick and efficient.

Off-Page SEO

This is the part where the fun begins! We will launch a campaign for building external links (link-building) to grow your website authority.

How is local search working?

Local search means the way we tell the search engines what you offer and where you are with your website located. Trough the relevance of communicating your webpages for a special type of clients from a particular geographical area, you can encourage most of the search engines , like Google, to put your content higher from your competition and to list you first in searches.

If your content is high quality, not only you will be very easy to be found in organic search, you will also rise your online ranking. In this way you will be seen as a very trustable business who deserves to be first in searches, on page one. And because all the eyes will be on your business, you will start to generate what you wish for, more clients and more sales.

Why we need Local SEO?

Local SEO is very important for business from your town, especially for the ones who wish a return of investment (ROI) of their website. Whit all the business that try to captivate attention of the local clients, investing in your SEO presence on local market is the only chance to subclass your competition.

More than 15 years ago a commercial in Golden Pages was enough to ensures a flow of customers. But times has changed - and there are more people which relay on the local search to find what they are looking for. Therefor it is essential for every company to rank well for their specific keywords who are relevant for their business.